We invest in Internet and SaaS services, apps and content IP deals

  • First investment from 100 000 to 1 000 000 Euros and follow-on investments up to several millions.
  • Simple contract structure and and fast decision making.
  • Typically we finance commercialisation, sales and marketing and help entrepreneurs to find partners and customers.

Our unique revenue share financing model does not dilute existing shareholders

  • Financing is provided against revenue share (royalties) from the created cash-flow.
  • Royalty share is determined case-by-case based on the business dynamics and can be variable as well
  • Capital loan may even be converted to equity after a certain minimum multiple, this also terminates the royalty
  • We are targeting to return our capital and profit in about 2 years or faster.



Tero Ojanperä

Co-founder and Managing Partner. Tero has a strong and versatile 20+ year long experience in mobile industry; he had been focused on stimulating innovations, developer activities and building new businesses for most of his professional life.

Marko Tulonen

Co-founder and Partner. Marko has over fourteen years professional background in enterprise development, internationalization, investment management, new business and corporate venturing in the fields of telecommunications, software and digital media, and venture capital industries.

Jari Tuovinen

Co-founder and Partner. Jari has gained extensive M&A, transaction and investment experience throughout his career. He also has strong background as software developer, and degree-level studies in Computer Science at Tampere University of Technology and MBA studies at the Tampere University.

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Vision+ invests in products and receives revenue share

Vision+ has developed an unique financing model to investing in IPR industries to maximize the value to both developers as well Fund’s for investors. Vision+ funding will create an opportunity for new players to take part in the value chain and help developers to improve their share of the value chain and keep the IPR’s.

Vision+ will help product owner in marketing and branding including negotiating and advising on channel owner’s marketing effort and investments. Channel owners they are seeking collaboration with Vision+ due to risk sharing and access to wider product portfolio.

The Fund’s management team has extensive background in technology, as business angels in seed investments, entrepreneurship and the creation of successful new product, content, services and business. Members of the management team have also run development and business organizations of significant scale in global setting.


Tero Ojanperä
Marko Tulonen
Jari Tuovinen

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Visionplus Management Oy
Kampinkuja 2 / Box 12

Our meetings facilities are located at Kamppi on the Ground floor of  "Sähkötalo". You can find the Kontoret-meeting rooms near the Roberts Coffee.

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